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IFDPAC’s value as multicultural and pluri-disciplinary platform for exchange and reflection is to gather together articles on White-Collar Crime and Compliance topics from different countries and judicial cultures.

Through considerations on the difficulties, challenges or innovations existing in a country or in a judicial area, other reflections can be conducted. The encounter of ideas could allow evolvement, modification, inspiration and improvement in the thinking.

Each article will be submitted to an editorial board composed of business criminal and compliance law professionals who will decide on its publication.

Articles should be sent in French and English version in Word format with as less layout as possible, except for titles and subtitles which must appear clearly and should be a maximum of 2000 words.

References should be listed as end notes.

Two biographies of the authors of a maximum of 20 words and of a maximum of 200 words and a photography must also accompany the article.

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